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Waeves for Influencers caters to the rising blog and social media influencer and content creator. We assist with branding, social media managing, collaborating with brands, and organic growth of your personal brand.

Hi, I’m Sahra! I’ve been a blogger and influencer for nearly ten years, and in that time I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to “make it” as an influencer, and how best to market yourself and the products you’re sharing. With my Influencer services, I’m able to help mold you into the InstaGram famous dream you want to be! Or, the moderately successful Mommy Blog, your choice!

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a 15 minute Social Media Audit could BOOST your engagement!
15 Minute Social Media Audit
15.00 30.00

Are you feeling stuck with your social media? Not sure why you aren’t getting the likes, leads, comments and partnerships you think you deserve?

Perfect for a quick social pick me up, the 15 minute Social Media Audit allows you choose ONE of your social media platforms and I will review it for cohesiveness, branding, and efficacy, reviewing your current photos, hashtag use, and overall presence. After the audit I will provide you with fresh ideas and concepts for posts, three key ways I think you can improve your social media, and five new hashtags that fit your brand and niche to start using to help increase your following.

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Full Social Media and Web Audit
75.00 125.00

Are you feeling stuck with your social media? Wondering what you can do better across ALL social media and web pages connected to your business? Not sure why you aren’t getting the likes, leads, comments and partnerships you think you deserve?

With the Full Audit I perform a full review all platforms for cohesiveness, branding, and efficacy. I will also review your website, testing your SEO, online presence, and the overall feel of your website. After the audit I will provide you with key ways you can improve, supply you with fresh ideas for posts, tips on cohesive branding and apps to help automate your posting, and give you ten new hashtags to get your posts seen!

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influencer marketing companies

Digital Download: Guide to Influencer Marketing Agencies that will PAY YOU to post

Have you ever wondered how your favorite bloggers find out about brand partnerships? Envious of all their #bloggerunboxing videos? Are you ready to start getting free stuff and paid partnerships from brands? This guide has FIFTEEN influencer marketing companies that facilitate partnerships and explains what each is used for, what the qualifications are for each agency, and how to get your best foot in the door. Each partner opportunity is hyperlinked for easy sign up and registration.

10.00 20.00
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Custom Instagram hashtags for your niche and blog
Custom Instagram Hashtags
12.50 25.00

Struggling to find the right hashtags for your brand of business? Not getting the likes and engagement you think you should?

Let us take out the guess work - we’ll find ones just for you based on your location, niche, and goals. We will supply you with 20-30 Hashtags geared towards your demographic and business, all for one low price that are guaranteed to get more eyes on your posts and get your profile growing!

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Media Kit Creation - save your time and have Waeves do it for you!
Media Kit Creation
20.00 40.00

As an infuencer, your media kit is your calling card. It lets brands that you hope to work with know a quick snapshot of who you are, what your reach is like, and what types of campaigns you have worked on previously.

With the Media Kit Creation, I will put together all of your stats into one beautiful 2-3 page PDF, alongside some of your best work and a little bit about you.

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Hotel Collaboration Email Template
10.00 20.00

Do you want to work with brands in the TRAVEL industry?

Don’t know where to start or how to reach out to brands and hotels?

This travel-themed email template is perfect to help you get the word out that you’re traveling and ready to partner! This has been proven effective in working with hotels, State tourism boards, city tourism boards, and general experiences.

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Brand Collaboration Template
10.00 20.00

Are you a blogger who wants to work with BRANDS?

Grow your following while getting cool things FOR FREE?

This template is perfect for reaching out to brands for a collaboration inquiry. Just add your info and the brand you want to work with and it’s good to go!

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Long Term Coaching Services

Influencer Coaching and Consulting - how to be the best influencer you can be

One-on-One Coaching - The Starter Package

Just beginning your blogger boss journey? This service is for you - we will meet virtually for one hour each week to discuss all things blog and influencer related including but not limited to beginning and picking out a platform to host your website or brand, to naming, branding, and growing followers and readers organically. I’ll teach you how to use different apps and platforms to effectively edit your photos and automate your postings. Get you started on a media kit and rate kit, which we can continually update to reflect your growth. I’ll assist you with coordinating with local brands, photographers, and blogging groups to help you get the best images and event invites. I will source local shoot locations and help you be the best blogger you can be! One-on-One Coaching includes access to the private Facebook Community, the private Pinterest inspiration boards, and our extensive list of vendors and small businesses to collaborate with.

One on One Coaching for Influencers to Get a Step Ahead of the game

One-on-One Coaching - The Established Influencer

For already established influencers looking to take their brand to the next level, this includes ongoing tracking or your social media and websites to ensure full efficacy and organic growth using new and modern approaches as well as staying on top of influencer trends and making sure that you have access to the best opportunities possible. We’ll make sure you’re making the most of new app updates, new marketing agencies, and your local PR representatives. I’ll facilitate brand partnerships that I think you would benefit from, and point you in the direction of higher opportunities in your city and state. One-on-One Coaching includes access to the private Facebook Community, the private Pinterest inspiration boards, and our extensive list of vendors and small businesses to collaborate with.