How To Woo Influencers as a Brand

Influencer’s these days spend hours each day doing mail hauls and sharing their sponsored swag - but how can you make your product stand out to influencers and their followers?

How to Work with Influencers as a Brand

Step 1:

Start with a pleasant email letting them know you want to collaborate! Compliment something they’ve posted recently and really try to customize it for them.

Step 2:

Pretty packaging goes a long way; make sure you have on-brand tissue paper or wrapping to ensure the full effect during an unboxing video.

Step 3:

Handwritten notes with something sweet inside always makes an influencer feel extra special and not just one-of-many.

Influencer Marketing Made Easy

Step 4:

Repost! Bloggers and influencers love being featured on their favorite brand’s pages, and for many it’s written into their collaboration contract.

Step 5:

Gratitude. Once the collaboration or project is through, it’s always nice to send a thank you note or email saying how much you enjoyed working with the blogger or influencer.

Have you worked with any influencers to help get the word out about your brand or business? Need help finding the right one to work with? We can help!