The Easiest Ways to Bring People to Your Blog

We've all heard it before; social media is a trend, and trends eventually fade; you don't own the content you post to a social media platform; it's important to have a blog as your background.

How many of you have forgotten about your blog, let it fall to the wayside in lieu of posting only to instagram? I know I'm guilty too, but I have always tried and will forever remain a blogger.

What comes with blogging though, is trying to make sure you are still driving traffic to our blog and website. If you don't know where to start, THIS GUIDE IS FOR YOU.  Here I share my top 5 tips for driving readers to your blog or website. 

1. Comment on other blogs!

You can't expect people to just find you all willy-nilly, and to support you without you supporting them! One of my favorite ways to spend a free 30-60 minutes is to go and comment on other blogs. I'll start with some of my favorites, Straight A Style, Song of Style, Cupcakes and Cashmere. From there, I'll click through to other blogs via the comments left, always leaving a sweet note an a hyperlink back to my own blog. If you don't know how to hyperlink, it's pretty easy basic HTML. Here's a screenshot of what I post, just input in your own URL and blog name, and be mindful f the spacing. HTML is very important to follow the rules of spacing and capital letters, numbers, etc. I usually keep a copy of my signature in a note on my computer or iPhone so I can just copy/paste it in after a comment! 

I write this:


my comment shoes up like this:


One thing to note is the type of website you're visiting; HTML works on Wordpress, Blogger, and Disqus but unfortunately is not supported by Squarespace blogs (like my own, hypocritical, I know) so just be mindful to leave just a link on Squarespace sites. 

Now, you may be asking, why would I do this instead of just writing my blog name or link? well, hyperlinking it looks better and cleaner, and is easier for anyone else wanting to comment back to just click the link and be brought directly to your page. Another option is to insert a link to a specific post, ensuring top engagement on that post.

2. Link Ups

How to drive traffic to your blog through link ups

I'm going to be honest, I truly thought link ups died somewhere in the blogging of 2014, but alas, they are alive and well, allowing bloggers to connect with other bloggers on a weekly or monthly basis. 

What TH is a link up? A Link Up, or Link Party, is when a set group of bloggers all share a link to their latest post. There's usually a theme to follow and they all come with their own rules. Some are easy like following the host/s on social media, while others require badges and dedicated posts. Some ones I love to follow are Lizzie in Lace's, Glass of Glam's On Mondays We Link Up, and Straight Daily Style. Here's a big directory of all the major link ups happening that you can share your link to.

A few key tips for making the most out of your link up include: be sure to comment on many other's posts from the link up (with your link-back!) and to ensure you have a good thumbnail photo chosen to fit the space. A good photo will encourage people to click through to your post! 

3. Join a Facebook Group

These days, Facebook is a huge driver of traffic. By joining blogging groups that have daily and weekly interactive threads, you can share your post and drive hundreds of new readers to your site. If they love what they see, they’ll stick around! Some of my favorites FB groups include the Waeves Influencer Group (obviouslyyyy), Blogger + Biz Babes, and Blog Support Group.

It helps to really support other bloggers, and then they will want to support you in turn!

There you have it! Three easy steps to drive traffic to your blog TODAY.

What is your blog? Share in the comments below and lets all grow our following!

How To Woo Influencers as a Brand

Influencer’s these days spend hours each day doing mail hauls and sharing their sponsored swag - but how can you make your product stand out to influencers and their followers?

How to Work with Influencers as a Brand

Step 1:

Start with a pleasant email letting them know you want to collaborate! Compliment something they’ve posted recently and really try to customize it for them.

Step 2:

Pretty packaging goes a long way; make sure you have on-brand tissue paper or wrapping to ensure the full effect during an unboxing video.

Step 3:

Handwritten notes with something sweet inside always makes an influencer feel extra special and not just one-of-many.

Influencer Marketing Made Easy

Step 4:

Repost! Bloggers and influencers love being featured on their favorite brand’s pages, and for many it’s written into their collaboration contract.

Step 5:

Gratitude. Once the collaboration or project is through, it’s always nice to send a thank you note or email saying how much you enjoyed working with the blogger or influencer.

Have you worked with any influencers to help get the word out about your brand or business? Need help finding the right one to work with? We can help!